Spring/Summer 2017 28 Item Capsule Wardrobe

I have been chasing simplicity for quite some time. I often succumb to frustration spending – getting items that I don’t need (particularly clothes) because I believe they will be able to fill some void in my life. Items for my “make believe” self who does all of these extravagant things. Dresses to go out in, shirts to wear on dates, things that fit that imaginary life that I don’t even think I want to lead.

In my quest for simplicity I have been reading a lot of other people’s journeys and have tried several times on my own to purge my possessions in an effort to make myself happier. But it doesn’t work. And I’m left confused.

What do I want? How do I get it? How can I take away this frustration I feel in life?

Capsule wardrobes catch my attention the most. I love the idea of dressing with less items but making sure they are items that fit well and make me feel good. I have tried to make them out of items I already own but time and time again I fail and then I end up going somewhere like Clothes Mentor and getting a ton more clothes that I don’t need. I had no real focus.

My recent work situation gave me a little more clarity and I decided that I wanted my work wardrobe to be simple while still being stylish. I went out and purchased items that fit my own personal style and that were in a more subdued color palette so that I don’t have to be worried about mixing and matching – I know that these items all go together. It’s my own “uniform”. I’m so excited that I pulled this off with just 28 items! Now as long as I can keep up on the laundry, it will all work out… J



The Breakdown:


  • 3 Pairs of Pants – 1 black straight leg pair, 1 black trouser leg pair and 1 black patterned bootcut pair (All 3 from Kohls – Apt 9)
  • 1 Black Pleated skirt (Kohls – Apt 9)
  • 1 Black Dress (Kohls – Apt 9)


  • 1 Dusty Lavendar Blazer (Kohls – LC Lauren Conrad)
  • 1 Grey Blazer (Kohls – LC Lauren Conrad)
  • 1 Grey Floral Chiffon Jacket (Maurices)
  • 1 Black Pointelle Cardigan (Maurices)
  • 1 Oatmeal Pointelle Cardigan (Kohls – Croft & Barrow)


  • Light Grey-Green Floral Print ¾ Sleeve Blouse (Maurices)
  • Black Sheer Chiffon ¾ Sleeve Blouse (My Closet:))
  • Black/White Plaid Short Sleeve Blouse (My Closet:))
  • Black Chiffon Blouse with Teal Floral Pattern (My Closet:))
  • Grey Chiffon Blouse with Floral Pattern (My Closet:))
  • Short Sleeve Navy Zipper Blouse (Kohls – My Michelle)
  • Sleeveless Cream Colored Blouse with Crochet Detail (Maurices)
  • Sleeveless Black Floral Blouse (Kohls – Candies)
  • Sleeveless Blue Print Blouse (Maurices)
  • Aqua Polo (Target)
  • Short Sleeve Pleated Neck Stripe Blouse (Kohls – LC Lauren Conrad)


  • Black Pointed Toe Ballet Flats (Kohls – SO)
  • Black Cage Heels (Kohls – Croft & Barrow)
  • Black Embossed Loafers (DSW – Aerosoles)
  • Lia Sophia Trademark Earrings (My Closet:))
  • Lia Sophia Rodeo Earrings (My Closet:))
  • Black Timex Watch (Target)
  • Black Statement Necklace (My Closet:))

So 7 of the 28 items for my Spring/Summer Capsule Work Wardrobe came from clothes I already owned. What happened to the rest of my clothes, you may ask? The items that could be considered for the Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe have been packed away to deal with when it’s time to curate that uniform. The rest of the items are being sold through various outlets, including my soon to be open Poshmark store (I will share the link as soon as I’m ready to start selling!) I figure I should be able to sell enough to reimburse me for the money I spend on my new capsule wardrobe and be able to put money away for my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

I am the most excited about the freedom this new wardrobe will afford me. I spent a lot of my spare time curating it to make sure it was items I truly loved and that truly fit my style (which was surprisingly fun and challenging – can’t wait to do it again!) and now I can rest easy knowing that whatever I grab for work is going to be cute and fit well. Now I can put that energy and effort into the long list of projects that I have and won’t have to waste time in the morning deciding what to wear.

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