Organic Observations: We Have Life!

 I admit, my journal has become the chronicles of my outdoor landscaping as well as my garden…And it’s kind of random…

***May 9, 2017***

Discovered a sprig broke off one of my hanging pots this morning. It was too pretty to just throw away so I stuck it in a mason jar in some water to enjoy it. Mom says it might actually sprout some roots so I could potentially replant it in the planter in a few weeks.

Attempting to revive this beautiful bloom.

This evening I set out just to mow my lawn but out of frustration of having one of the scraggliest lawns in my immediate area I started to do little things I’d been thinking about but kept putting off because I’m sooo busy (watching TV or being lazy…)

It felt really fantastic to do the work in my front yard of weeding the front bed and then I also dug out around my lamppost and added some flower seeds. It already looks so much better but I have some additional ideas to up the curb appeal factor.

And my backyard still really needs to be mowed…

Watered my garden and the tomato/pepper plants and herbs already look perkier.

***May 10, 2017***

Lots of rain tonight and even a storm! Barely got the dogs out before the sirens were sounding. No watering necessary today!

***May 11, 2017***

Still pretty damp around my house. Checked the garden and pots but no watering was necessary. I did get my new doormat in the mail today though (got it with my Kohl’s cash from purchases made for my new capsule wardrobe!) I love how inviting my entryway is becoming.

***May 12, 2017***

Spent 2+ hours working in the backyard after work. Working deliberately and thoroughly removing weeds and mowing. Only finished about half of it today so it looks super janky but I will finish mowing the rest tomorrow. I’m planning to re-mow the front & back in a couple days to make it all the same lengthy. Most of it is pretty uneven since I left it so long. Whoops.

I have some ideas for adding plant life to my backyard as well as my front. I’m having as much fun “decorating” my outdoor space as I am my indoor space!

***May 13, 2017***

Continued the back yard work. Finished mowing and ripped out more weeds but I still have a lot to go with weeding. It is incredibly frustrating that I have to keep pulling weeds out of the back part of my yard due to my neighbor’s negligence of THEIR weeds. I want a nice looking yard though!

Watered the garden and flowers. Tomato plants & pepper plants are looking much more chipper. I only lost one parsley plant in my herb garden as well. So happy that most of the plants came back to life and I will NEVER neglect them like that again.

***May 14, 2017***

Watered garden and plants. Didn’t do anything else in the yard/garden.

***May 15, 2017***

I HAVE SPROUTS!! I was kind of doubting that anything in my garden was going to come up and when I went to show my garden to my best friend that was visiting they were there! I wish I remembered what I planted where…I’m pretty sure it’s the zucchini and the dill that have come up. I’m so excited!! My first seeds have sprouted.

***May 16, 2017***

Even more has sprouted today! I love tending to my tiny little garden.




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