Organic Observations: My First Whoopsie

Most days this week it rained so I didn’t have to water much. I did discover my first mistake with the garden however and I’m already planning for next year’s garden.

***May 18, 2017***

Called my mom when I saw that ALDI had tomato cages for $3.99 in their ad and asked her how many she thought I needed. I have 4 tomato plants and she said I needed 4. I told her that my tomato plants were way too close together for that and that’s when we discovered that I probably didn’t plant them far enough apart.


So, I bought one tomato cage and put it around all 4 plants. My tiny little garden is likely going to be a little crowded this summer. But I’m not going to worry too much about that. This is just for fun and education this year.


***May 21, 2017***

Have some great ideas already for next year’s garden. I’m feeling very inspired with the amount of things that are popping up in my little garden (I had an irrational fear that I would plant all of these seeds and nothing would come up).


The plan to get ready for next year is to clear out the rocks in the side bed and move them to the front (which I’m extending) and build out bigger wooden raised beds to have a more impressive garden next year.


I know that I would have more room if I added the garden in my big backyard but I don’t want to have to fence off part of it from the dogs. I can and will put more flowers in the backyard and probably some shrubs and an additional tree but I don’t want to add the temptation of food when I have a beyond food motivated lab mix to contend with…


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