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DIY Curb Appeal

On Memorial Day I decided to recruit my brother to help me with a little DIY project in my front yard. It was supposed to be simple – we were just moving a couple of hostas and some rock from my side beds to my front beds. Easy peezy.

Except not. Because I turned it into a wayyyy bigger project to add some nice curb appeal to my yard and I am beyond excited about the results.Β And of course,Β I took plenty of pictures along the way.

Here is my house before –


Not terrible by any means but lacking some serious interest. I have been trying to make some improvements but needed to do something a little more drastic.

I admit, this project did things a wee bit out of order since I was flying by the seat of my pants. 15 hours and 2 trips to Menards later, we did it though!


First I knew I wanted to move the existing hostas to make more of a grouping so I measured them and we dug out the bed to accommodate the three hostas being closer together.


Since there were two hostas that matched and one that was different of course I had to move two of the three to make the arrangement more aesthetically pleasing. But more difficult and time consuming to do. We moved the big one first.


And then the smaller one which was way easier to move.


After moving the hostas I had to address the other half of the front bed. I wanted toΒ bring it out as well even though I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be putting in that bed.

Then it was time for Menards trip number one. We needed edgers since I decided to trash the grey plastic ones that were in there, more river rock since we extended the beds out much further and landscape fabric.

My SUV felt a little heavy on the ride home but luckily no popped tires! πŸ™‚


We laid out the pavers and then started digging.


My cuticle was the first casualty. Much like my father, it’s not a real home improvement project unless I draw blood…Still stings a little.


By the end of day one, things were looking good but we hadn’t transferred over much of the rock from the side beds yet so there were lots of bare spots. I also still hadn’t decided what to put in the second bed.

Day 2 started with lots of buckets of rock from the side yard and then the determination that 5 more bags of river rock were needed from Menards. I also decided to peruse the plant section and see if I could pick something for the second bed.


I decided on 2 boxwood plants. Fully grown they will fill the space beautifully and they will do well with the amount of light the front of my house gets. Also, in a year or so I might be able to trim them and preserve some of the boxwood to make wreaths and other greenery in my home.


Got back from Menards and planted the boxwood and then filled in the rest of the rock.

Drumroll please…


I am very pleased with the finished product. I think it adds interest and color to the front of my house.


I can’t wait for the boxwood plants to really fill that space in the second bed.


This little guy is my favorite addition to the front beds. He was a going away gift from my coworkers. He looks so perfect sitting there guarding the house. I named him Dreyfus.

Now for some real dogs…not one to waste anything, my brother and I took the sod that was ripped out in the front and used it to attempt to repair some spots in my back yard. My dogs of course think it’s their new play area and I’m sure will rip the new sod up before it takes. Oh well – at least it was free!

Rusty stole Comet’s stick. But Comet is of course still smiling.

One more view of the before and after of my curb appeal. πŸ™‚


Before and after posts are my favorite. πŸ™‚



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