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I haven’t posted much lately and I don’t want to make a habit of posting purely personal entries on here (so I promise to include a couple of home décor pics…) but I wanted to let people know what was going on.

I have hinted at it a bit but haven’t outright said, but I left my job at the end of May. I am taking a much needed sabbatical from the professional world to reassess my goals and get some of the projects done that I have been putting off for so long. I don’t really want to lead a typical 9-to-5 life and the timing seemed right for me to take some time off to figure out what my next steps in life are.

I haven’t been idle during this time though. On the contrary, my house is in better shape than it has been in a long time and I’ve been working on business plans for my very own business which I am hoping to be able to unveil to you all soon. In the meantime, I have been flipping furniture and cleaning through/selling a lot of my extra “things” to make some cash for now. I have also been buying cheap furniture off of Craiglist and VarageSale and will be working on flipping those pieces that I didn’t decide to keep.

As promised though, here is some of my recent decorating work in my living room. I had my TV on a rolling cart before that wasn’t exactly size appropriate for the TV. I lucked across a new entertainment center on VarageSale for only $35. At first I thought I was going to paint it but the red color ended up looking so cute in my living room. Here is a before and after:


The new TV stand works so well in the space and it’s even Mordecai-approved! 🙂

I promise to share some more projects soon!



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