About Me

Hi. I’m Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Rescue. Alright, so I don’t physically live on a farm right now, but the name is more aspirational. Someday I will live out in the country.

For now, I am at least living the “Rescue” part. Shortly after moving into my first apartment I started filling my home with animals (for intros to the rest of the pack, check out their page here and follow us on Instagram @littlepackontheprairie) and now I have 3 big dogs, 1 big cat and countless other foster animals that pass through.

My rescuing doesn’t stop just at animals though. I also rescue things through thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and the occasional dumpster. I love filling my home with items that have had a past and giving them a new future.

I am also enthralled with the idea of homesteading. I grew up living in a world of books where I would get lost in the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder and then would spend hours playing outside in the garden with “Ma.” This of course suited my mom just fine as she was able to get me to do chores voluntarily!

Now I am the leader of my own homestead and I am happy to have you join me and my pack as we learn to grow our own food and make various repairs/improvements to our home. I use “we” lightly as the animals have yet to prove themselves to be contributing members of the household…

I hope you keep coming back to follow our adventures and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

Here’s me at age 10 on the farm I grew up on – a true “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” and on the left…well…admittedly, my style has not evolved much. Just traded in my denim jumper for jeans and a chambray shirt – still wearing the same boots though (just a bigger size!) πŸ™‚