Meet the Pack


Mordecai “Four Paws”, Orange TabbyΒ – Born April 27ish, 2011.Β Adopted June 10, 2011 at just 6 weeks old. Incredibly ornery butΒ also loyal and sweet. This kitty has been with me ever since I moved out on my own. He’s been there for me through everything. His days consist of lounging on my couch and knocking everything off my counters. His evenings consist of waiting for his canine brothers toΒ fall asleep so he can terrorize them and attack their tails. He’s purrfect. πŸ™‚


Rusty James, Kuvasz-Labrador Retriever Mix – born June 19, 2013ish. Adopted June 19, 2014. Rusty was 4 days from being put down at a county shelter. Extremely friendly but extremely energetic. Lucky for him Foster Pet Outreach sprung him from the joint and then I saw him on their Facebook page and fell in love. I met him at an adoption event and knew he was the dog for me. Even if he is difficult and crazy. Rusty is the best running partner and protector I could ask for. His hobbies include finding anything remotely edible in a room, even if it’s toxic, and eating it, regardless of how well secured I think it is; obsessively licking the lotion off my legs and the insides of his brother’s ears; being the smartest dog I own but also the most stubborn and least apt to listen to me; and counter surfing.
Comet Tanner, Golden Retriever – Born September 22, 2013ish. Adopted September 25, 2016. Comet was chained to a porch locally for months when my rescue group was informed and I was sent to free him. We had the owner’s relinquish him and I loaded him into the backseat of my car. He laid down in the backseat and sighed and at that moment I just felt that he was mine. He fit immediately into my household so I kept him as a brother for Rusty. Comet has the sweetest disposition of any dog I have ever met and I have plans for him to become a therapy dog. Some of Comet’s hobbies include: giving me absolutely zero personal space, ever; collecting all the nylabones in the house and taking turns chewing each of them; trying to sneak toys into bed; and begging to be groomed.



Liam Nathaniel, Siberian Husky – born March 22, 2015ish. Adopted April 9, 2017. I saw Liam’s beautiful face on a Facebook page for Chicago Animal Control waiting for rescue. I volunteered to foster him. At first he tried to eat Mordecai and Rusty didn’t seem to care for him so I just focused on fattening him up (he was very malnourished) so that he could be adopted out to somebody else. He’s the most affectionate Husky I’ve ever met and despite the hardships he obviously went through, he took comfort in my petting. I fell for him and what a good natured dog he was so after Mordecai put him in his place a few times and he and Rusty came to terms I decided there was no way I could ever let him go. His hobbies include: staring at me intently with those baby blue eyes; leaning up against me wherever I may be standing or sitting; hurdling the coffee table; and snuggling with his brothers.