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Doggy Command Center

Owning 3 large YOUNG dogs means that I operate in a constant state of chaos. Lately I have been a little stressed trying to balance my multiple jobs with my desire to be a lovingly involved dog mom. I want to make sure that these guys are living their best life - I didn't rescue… Continue reading Doggy Command Center


Organic Observations: Not a Complete Failure

I recently went to pull out my garden failure and I was met with a pleasant surprise - my short and sweet carrots prevailed! I ended up harvesting a decent little crop and the pups and I had a little feast. This may seem like a tiny victory and maybe this is me just grasping… Continue reading Organic Observations: Not a Complete Failure


Organic Observations: 5 Reasons I Failed & What I Will Do Different Next Year

Some of you might be wondering whatever became of my garden that I was so excited about earlier this year. I was just going to let it go and not mention it but I promised to be honest about my first attempt at gardening so I am going to keep that promise. I failed. Majorly.… Continue reading Organic Observations: 5 Reasons I Failed & What I Will Do Different Next Year

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I haven't posted much lately and I don't want to make a habit of posting purely personal entries on here (so I promise to include a couple of home décor pics...) but I wanted to let people know what was going on. I have hinted at it a bit but haven't outright said, but I… Continue reading Sabbatical

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DIY Curb Appeal

On Memorial Day I decided to recruit my brother to help me with a little DIY project in my front yard. It was supposed to be simple - we were just moving a couple of hostas and some rock from my side beds to my front beds. Easy peezy. Except not. Because I turned it… Continue reading DIY Curb Appeal