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DIY Curb Appeal

On Memorial Day I decided to recruit my brother to help me with a little DIY project in my front yard. It was supposed to be simple - we were just moving a couple of hostas and some rock from my side beds to my front beds. Easy peezy. Except not. Because I turned it… Continue reading DIY Curb Appeal

Home Decor & DIY

DIY Kitchen Chair Update

My kitchen redo continues! A couple of months ago I bought a set of 4 chairs off VarageSale (a great interactive garage sale site that I love to peruse just for fun sometimes). I wasn't happy with the kitchen chairs that I currently had and these were a STEAL - 4 for $20. Well, technically… Continue reading DIY Kitchen Chair Update

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PSA: Mild Winter Impacting Dog’s Health

So I got a fun surprise while cleaning up the yard the other night - TAPEWORMS in Comet and Liam's poop.   Not exactly the surprise I was hoping for. I have an inkling that Liam came to me with them already - dogs can contract these by simply ingesting an infected flea. Once one… Continue reading PSA: Mild Winter Impacting Dog’s Health


Organic Observations: We Have Life!

 I admit, my journal has become the chronicles of my outdoor landscaping as well as my garden...And it's kind of random... ***May 9, 2017*** Discovered a sprig broke off one of my hanging pots this morning. It was too pretty to just throw away so I stuck it in a mason jar in some water… Continue reading Organic Observations: We Have Life!

Home Decor & DIY

6 Rules For Styling The Perfect Corner Shelf

I LOVE styling shelves. I recently spent an entire weekend styling the corner shelf unit in my kitchen to match my new vignettes from my post that I shared a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share the results as well as my 6 rules for perfectly styling shelf units. #1 Have a unifying… Continue reading 6 Rules For Styling The Perfect Corner Shelf